"Home Alone" starring Macaulay Culkin

Wed Apr 04 2018

I'm on Påsklov (lit. "Easter break") right now. The astute reader may remember that just six weeks ago I had sportlov, another break. This one is also a week long, and I think it's a little weird that Swedes take two school breaks so close to each other, but I'm not complaining.

My host family is in Finland - Johanna actually spent about a week leading up to Påsklov there following the death of her mother, which was a downer, and Fanny and Daniel joined her there on Saturday. There were various plans for me to stay with various friends which all kind of fell through, so I ended up being home alone, which has been kind of nice.

I've been doing a lot of menial-sounding things like laundry, cleaning, caring for plants and cooking, which has actually been really great. I had sort of a rough week leading up to Easter (nothing in particular was wrong, I was just sort of broadly bummed out), so it's been great to have the time to myself to decompress and do some self-care.

Yesterday I went out with Blair and did some Prom-related clothes shopping. I bought a pretty nice grey suit from Brothers, which I got for about 600:- off plus free tailoring for some Easter-related promotion or something. The suit fit almost perfectly already, except that the pants were 8 cm too long (thanks, Sweden). I'm going to pick it up tomorrow and also possibly meet Blair and Nicole (a Brazilian exchange student) and a few other folks to do some casual wandering around.

Daniel just got home, so I'm going to cut out a bit early and greet him. I'll try to write again before break is over.