Flea Markets, film, and inability to think of a third thing that starts with 'f'

Sun Sep 10 2017

Yesterday was the Stuvsta (the neighborhood I live in) Loppis (a very literal translation of 'flea market'). I went with Hanna, who the astute reader may remember from how last week we watched a movie together. It was a grey, dreary day, and later in the afternoon it started to rain, so I suspect the loppis was not all that it could have been weather permitting, but it was a good time. There were a lot of parents selling outgrown kids' clothing, old people selling junk that they didn't know what to do with, parents of college students trying to get rid of things that had been left around the house, etc.. The usual flea market suspects.

I came away with a pair of John Lennon-esque sunglasses with blue frames ("veldigt hipster"), a slightly-too-small floral-pattern button-up that almost certainly came from H&M, and a garish orange Yu-Gi-Oh t-shirt which fits me alarmingly well for something clearly designed for 10-year-olds. Hanna found a "veldigt ironisk Green Day tröja" and a collection of three old-timey faded photos of children in glass frames ("aesthetic").

The Scouts were selling fika to fundraise, so I bought a cup of bad coffee and some sort of cheese-based pastry which was quite good. Hanna had a pancake, which the Scouts were frying right there on a ridiculously large pan over a campfire.

In the evening, the family went out to dinner and a movie. We went to the theater in the Mall of Scandinavia, which is like if you took the Mall of America and made it Swedish: It's a bit smaller, a lot cleaner, has fancier stores and restaurants in it, and, at least to my knowledge, is not a major point for sex trafficking. The movie theater had its own restaurant, which sounds bad at first, but it was a good meal; from what I gathered, many of the patrons were not there to see a movie.

We were in a VIP theater, which I suspect was quite expensive. In the US, a "VIP" movie theater means it's 21+ and there's bar service, but this one, obviously, was all-ages. There was bar service, and my host mom drank a frozen raspberry daiquiri that looked and smelled like an alcoholic Jamba Juice. The theater had large, comfortable seats, and while popcorn, soda, and candies were available, they also sold concessions that I would associate more with an opera house or high-brow live theater; I enjoyed a few macarons, and olives and cheese plates were also available.

The film itself was titled "The Square". It was a Swedish art film presented in a combination of Swedish, Danish, and English with Swedish subtitles. Reading Swedish while hearing Danish is not easy, and understanding the film took a lot of presence of mind. It told abut the (Danish) director of a modern art museum in Sweden through many strange happenings, and its central message had something to do with how the artistic elite are removed from emotion, personality, and humanity. It was also two and a half hours long, which was quite something. I'd recommend it, but only with subtitles in the viewer's first language.

I want to get to bed soon - Mondays are my earliest school day, with a 10:55 start. I met with the rector last week to discuss electives and transcripts and such, and I should soon be adding Linear Algebra and International Relations (two separate classes, though "Linear Algebra and International Relations" would be cool) to my schedule. Until then, though, I have two classes per day, I start after lunch every day but Monday, and I have no classes on Friday.